Customer-side Payroll Services

Utilising our deep pool of payroll expertise
to run your existing payrolls

Customer-side Payroll Services

Utilising our deep pool of payroll expertise
to run your existing payrolls

Do you struggle to recruit and retain experienced payroll expertise? Have you recently outsourced your payroll and now find it a challenge to meet your responsibilities?

Organisations of a certain size experience challenges in meeting and maintaining their customer-side responsibilities when their payroll is outsourced. 


Once you establish your outsourced arrangement, there will still be a need to inject expertise into your payroll team to ensure the customer side responsibilities can be met. CE offer tried and tested services to support you in delivering your payroll service. We can support your internal team with the following activities to give you confidence your payroll will be run compliantly and accurately.

Have you answered these questions?

We offer tried and tested services to support your payroll regardless of the challenges you are facing

Payroll Management

We lead the overall management of the end-to-end payroll process, ensuring all responsibilities are met during each period, from ensuring all payroll inputs are made to providing assurance over the quality and consistency of service to your employees.

P11Ds & PSAs

We manage the P11Ds and PAYE Settlement Agreements submissions on your behalf.

Experienced Resources

Whilst you may have a consistent payroll manager, we remove the single person dependency by ensuring a team of experts are ready to step in and support your payroll service, whether this is to cover long term absence, mitigate risk or manage peaks in demand.

Pension Compliance

We manage your customer-side obligations with the pension regulator, ensuring you remain compliant at each stage of the process.

Governance & Controls

We lead, prepare and execute the governance of your payrolls. From establishing controls through to executing them each period, inclusive of variance controls and investigations to give you confidence in the quality and accuracy of your payroll.

Payroll Query Resolution

We own the investigation and resolution of all payroll queries, from simple pay slip explanations through to investigations with third party providers.

Payroll Change Advice

From an opportunity to improve or a change in HR policy, we will provide guidance and advice on payroll impacts to enable speedy decision making.

Compliance Audits

We act as your payroll lead when undergoing any compliance audits to ensure you meet your legislative and regulatory obligations.

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